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Twenty-First Annual Smithmoore P. Myers PROFESSIONALISM AWARD

October 10th, 2014

STEVEN W. HUGHES, a principal of Ewing Anderson P.S., was honored along with FRANCIS A. ADEWALE by the Spokane County Bar Association on March 26, 2013, with the Twenty-first Annual Smithmoore P. Myers Professionalism Award. Past recipients of this award include: Smithmoore P. Myers, J. Donald Curran, Kathleen M. Taft, James J. Gillespie, Richard L. Cease, the Honorable Harold “Pete” Clarke, Richard D. McWilliams, Phillip J. Thompson, Eugene I. Annis, Leo J. Driscoll, Nancy L. Isserlis, Joseph P. Delay, Rosanna M. Peterson, Phillip “Dutch” Wetzel, Carl E. Huber, William D. Hyslop, Michael J. Pontarolo, John R. Clark, William F. Etter, Paul B. Mack, and John T. Rogers. 

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